FDA compliant e-liquid mockup label

FDA E-liquid Labelling and Warning Statement Requirement

  • Beginning of May 10, 2018, manufacturers, distributors, importers, and retailers cannot sell any of the e-liquid products without satisfying FDA labeling and warning statement requirements
  • We designed general mockup labels for zero-nicotine and nicotine containing e-liquid products. Using this as a template, you can design your own label by adding design logo and graphics


Download the sample of FDA e-liquid label by clicking below:

These illustrator files are specifically created for 60ml unicorn bottles. If you need sample labels for 30 ml, please send us a request at support@gegahelixlabs.com

For additional guidance, please click the link below:https://www.fda.gov/TobaccoProducts/Labeling/Labeling/ucm524470.htm