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GegaHelix was created to disrupt the compliance services industry and allow businesses of all sizes to survive and thrive under e-cigarette regulations. Our technology is used by leading compliance service providers to reduce operating costs and eliminate human error potential; however, these firms charge several times more to provide the exact same service. We are the champion of small business, and an enemy to other service providers that aim to place compliance costs beyond the reach of all but the very largest companies. By working directly with GegaHelix, your compliance costs can be reduced by over 50%.

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Manufacturers and importers must notify their products to Member State competent authorities -Article 20(2). This notification must include below information: Ingredients and emissions Toxicological data Additives that increase addictiveness and toxicity should be prohibited Additives that have CMR properties in…

FDA E-liquid Labelling and Warning Statement Requirement Beginning of May 10, 2018, manufacturers, distributors, importers, and retailers cannot sell any of the e-liquid products without satisfying FDA labeling and warning statement requirements We designed general mockup labels for zero-nicotine and…

The original deadline of December 31, 2016 is being pushed back to June 30, 2017 for products manufactured prior to the August 8, 2016, giving the vaping industry a 6-month extension. Products released after the August 8 effective date must still register by the end of the year.